Free English Online Class by GPEX January to May

This is good news for you all who needs a space to learn English or practice your speaking skill. GPEX Hong Kong is now in need of adult students to participate in their online classes. There are some of things to be considered, that you:

  1. Must be 16 or above.
  2. Must try your best to attend all lessons.
  3. Must use a PC while learning.
  4. Must have the mic and camera on while learning.

This class starts next week on 11th of January 2024 and ends on 23rd of May. Yups, unlike previous classes, this one is a quite long journey because apparently they only organize the class once a week, on Thursdays only, in this period. Please take a look at the schedule again to make sure that you are able to join the class.

If you are like me, a muslim and living in western part of Indonesia, please be aware that the class starts at dusk, 18.00, when we are supposed to have our maghrib prayers. Personally, I’d like to join this class haha I hope they still have some empty seats…

See you there.

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